A nutritious diet can keep your body healthy and strong while helping you lose extra weight so that you look and feel your best. However, it’s important to note that exercise on a consistent basis is just as important in maintaining a healthy weight. Plus, if you aren’t working out often, not only can you lose fat, but muscle and bone as well.

To shed the extra pounds and keep them off, you should gradually work your way up to a moderate exercise routine based on your doctor’s recommendations. For some, 50 minutes of exercise for no less than five days a week can be ideal. While others may see benefits from just 30 minutes a day 3 days a week.

Your exercise plan will depend on your age, physical abilities and current health status. Everyone’s situation is unique, so working with your physician and/or a personal trainer to develop a specialized plan is key to your success. Not only should this help you boost and maintain your weight loss, but you’ll feel better too!