Imagine Your Business With A Stream Of 5-Star Reviews And High-Profit Referrals… On Autopilot

The Ultimate Referral Marketing Program For Small Business

Fully Automated, App-Integrated, Hands-Off Referral Marketing That WORKS

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that the best kind of new prospect is a customer referral.

What if there was a way to shortcut your online reputation as an authority in your niche — AND create a stampede of high-quality customer referrals at the same time, in only minutes a week?

Meet LikeReferrals.


Right Now, Referral Marketing For Your Business Is PAINFUL…

You’ve read blogs with the 52 latest tips and tricks, you’ve heard far-fetched stories about companies that work by “referral only”, and maybe you’ve even tried cold calling your customers to ask who they know that could be a good fit. Ouch.

Has any one of those things actually worked? Not as well as they should, for all the effort!

There is an easier way. NO MORE:

Making annoying birthday, holiday, and “purchase anniversary” calls like a used car salesman

Gimmicks and outrageous referral marketing strategies that don’t align with your type of business

Awkwardly confronting your customers to “shake them down” for contacts out of their address book

Paying sales staff to repeatedly annoy customers to leave an online review

And any other painful, nonsense tactics you’ve tried to build repeat business

You Can Actually Make More Money In MINUTES A Week

As unbelievable as that sounds, with LikeReferrals it is 100% true. That’s because, there’s only one thing you have to do: add your customers into the LikeReferrals app as a contact.

Our app-centered reviews platform and proven-effective referral marketing system takes care of the rest.

Here’s How It Works

LikeReferrals App & Dashboard

These tools are your central command center for the LikeReferrals system. In addition to the easy customer-adding tool, the app and dashboard give you the complete picture of your campaign performance.

See the number of reviews you’ve gotten, the number of customers in the LikeReferrals system, their engagement with your messages, link clicks, and more!

Instant 5-Star Reviews

Getting reviews with LikeReferrals is effortless. As soon as you’ve added a contact to the app, the automated system takes over. You have a choice about whether it communicates with your customers through email and/or text.

In every message, LikeReferrals provides convenient, “no-brainer” links so your customers can leave a review on the spot, no matter where they are.

Referral Newsletter

In order to squeeze every last referral out of your customers’ networks, you need outstanding, tactful follow up that provides consistent and real value for months and years after the sale.

This is why it’s so hard to generate your own referrals – you have to find out what works, and constantly come up with some new way to add value to your previous customers. The reality is, we’ve been doing this for a long time and we create valuable content in over 47 of different markets.

You get customized, powerful and ORIGINAL content going to all your contacts on a continual basis, so you can sit back and watch the referrals come in.

And all this is as simple as adding a contact to your phone.

With All The Features LikeReferrals Offers, The Price Is Truly Secondary To The Value

Even if LikeReferrals got you just 1 new referral a month, would that be worth it? Of course — it would easily pay for itself multiple times over. The bottom line is this: LikeReferrals does so much more for your business.

You will love what LikeReferrals does for you:

Helps you massively boost your online reputation with only a few clicks per customer

Puts you in contact with those customers regularly, adding value to their lives with customized, original, high value content

With our original content, you go from being a content curator to a content creator, and become seen as a real authority

As an added benefit, the original content keeps your customers reading the email, instead of clicking on links to blog posts that take them away from your company

Saves you hours of time and awkward conversations, and makes you more money in only minutes a week

Are you ready to unleash an unstoppable surge of referrals and 5-star reviews?

Get LikeReferrals Today For Only $1 For First Month. No Contracts.