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After I found I saw a big jump in my repeat business as well as referrals. Thankfully, they keep in touch with my customer base for me every month.

– Marv Johnson, Johnson Heating and Cooling

Why reviews matter.

The numbers don’t lie. Getting more and better reviews leads to more sales, higher prices, and less marketing spend.

Google Rating

Don’t you want to be #1? Improving your star-rating boosts your position in keyword and local searches and improves your credibility.

Facebook Rating

Get powerful and permanent personal endorsements from your customers, and Facebook will recommend you to everyone in their network.

Widespread Reviews

Reviews are the most trustworthy form of marketing or sales. Let your customers do the selling for you.

Your Online Reputation Can Be Your Unique Value Proposition

Bring in more high-quality reviews than your competitors with less effort thanks to LikeReferrals automation.

Easy for you. Convenient for customers.

No more awkward phone calls asking for reviews. With a few clicks, your part is done.

Perfect messages. Tactful reminders.

If your customer hasn’t clicked on the link to leave a review yet, the LikeReferrals app will send tactful reminders, doubling the number of reviews you get without any additional effort.

Review optimization

LikeReferrals spreads your reviews out among your various review websites in a strategic way, optimizing your online presence where it matters most.

Activate the hidden potential of social media to improve leads and sales.

Use your best customer testimonials to drive engagement with your audience on the platform they visit most.

Massive engagement

LikeReferrals advanced social media posts are proven to drive over 2X more engagement than basic text posts.

Show up first on search engines, leaving your competitors in the dust.

More traffic leads to more sales – you can get behind that idea, right?

Website testimonials

LikeReferrals automatically publishes testimonials to your website, boosting your search engine ranking.

Landing Page

We craft a perfect lead generating landing page for your company to draw in more traffic and revenue.

Click-button trust

Now you can show off your customer rating on every major site. Collecting reviews has never been this easy.

Reviews plus newsletters. A referral goldmine.

Whenever you ask one of your customers for a review, they are automatically added to your newsletter list, which builds their trust and your authority.

Cut through all the noise

Online and in life, the business that stands out wins the most business. With your stellar reviews and expert newsletter, you do both.

Become a respected authority

Every newsletter LikeReferrals writes for you is 100% original content – not articles aggregated from all over the web. Plus it’s written in your brand’s voice.

Drive referrals and sales on autopilot

This all adds up to one thing: you will be the first and ONLY business your customers think of when they have a need. They’ll refer their friends to you, and you’ll grow lightning fast.

As a realtor, I work evenings and weekends to accommodate my client’s schedules. I don’t have the time or energy to worry about marketing.

– Joe Rascon, Fieldman Real has been a game changer. Before I found them, the way I requested reviews and referrals was confusing and most of my clients just didn’t do it.

– John Doorman, ABC Home Inspections

I stumbled upon online and I loved that they didn’t require a contract. I thought I’d try it for a month and I’ve never looked back.

– Bob Smith, Allied Landscaping