Whether your goal is curb appeal or safety, adding lights to the exterior of your home and yard can be a project that is worth undertaking. Here are two popular reasons for adding outdoor lighting.


The soft lights that glow throughout your shrubs and flowers can add a lot to the ambience of your yard. Well placed lights in your eaves, by doors and around your porch are also beautiful to look at and functional. Keep in mind, that lights exposed to moisture and damp conditions must be designed for weather exposure. Even though lights may be protected by a porch they will still get wet. Look for fixtures that say “outdoor” on them.


If you have friends or family coming over, you want them to navigate your walkway without incident. That is where yard lights come in handy. They are also great for keeping unwanted visitors away. Common sense says someone who is up to no good is going to look for dark homes to break in to, not well-lit ones. Lights for your walkways, driveway and front door should be labeled “waterproof” or something similar due to their direct exposure to weather.