After I found I saw a big jump in my repeat business as well as referrals. Thankfully, they keep in touch with my customer base for me every month.

– Marv Johnson, Johnson Heating and Cooling

Creating Thumb-Stopping Content

With nearly everyone in the world regularly using social media, your brand cannot afford to ignore this valuable promotional channel, or even put in a half-effort.

The truly sensational brands of today are using powerful “word of social” engagement strategies to create massively compounding marketing that takes off with a life of its own. Even if your brand never “goes viral”, you can still create a landslide of shares that lead to new leads, referrals and sales.

That’s why the mission of our campaigns is always to go further than simply collecting more followers; LikeReferrals aims to activate those fans into customers and advocates of your brand.

It starts by understanding the “new currency” of buyer attention — and creating arresting, thumb-stopping content that draws in clicks and comments like mad. The best part is, your audience becomes magnetized to your brand, too; they are more likely to tell everyone they know about you.

What Do You Get With LikeReferrals Social Media Marketing?

Constant stream of high-quality content spread across Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business.

Eye-ball stopping multi-media posts that draw in new audience members like flies to honey.

Content designed to keep customers engaged with your brand through custom micro-sites that capture and keep their attention.

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3 Steps To New Followers, Leads, And Sales

  • The first step is understanding your audience, because social media is about relationships. The DNA of every campaign we build comes from connecting to your audience in a creative, yet authentic way.

  • Secondly, we build out an entire 30-days worth of content, while working with you to customize it and make it yours - your voice, your look, and your feel. We build all of the custom micro-sites, videos, and layouts during this step.

  • Finally, with all the hard work done, we create our deployment strategy utilizing certain days and times of day to create the perfect organic feel, while maximizing the opportunities. As we go, we track the performance so that we can continue to optimize.

This Is What Social Mastery Looks Like